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Yes, regular cleaning improves efficiency, reduces energy bills, extends the unit's lifespan, and leads to better air quality and fewer repairs.

We recommend cleaning split system, ducted, and window units once a year as a best practice for optimal performance. More frequent cleanings may be advised in dusty regions.

Our standard cleaning service includes thoroughly cleaning the condenser coils, evaporator coils, drain pans, air vents, fans, motors, and components to remove buildup and contamination.

No, an adult does not need to be home. Our insured technicians can service the unit as long as we can access the indoor and outdoor components.

Yes. Our technicians use specialised tools and lifts for safely accessing tricky ductwork, roof-mounted condensers, upper floor vents, and other challenging areas.

We use industrial strength eco-friendly products and high powered tools to gently flush debris from the system without damaging components or coils. Return vents are covered to localise mess.

Yes. Our green-certified cleaning solutions are non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for pets, children, asthmatics and plants once rinsed and dried.

Yes! Thorough cleaning improves energy efficiency by up to 15%, saving you substantial amounts on electricity costs over time.

We pride ourselves on flexibility. Contact us anytime for same day or next day air conditioner cleaning service. Weekends available.

With over 8 years specialised experience, our skilled local technicians provide fast, friendly and affordable air conditioner cleaning tailored to your home's specific needs.

Yes, our licensed technicians can provide complete AC repair, maintenance and installation services once cleaning is complete. Ask us about tune-ups.

For your convenience, we accept major credit cards, bank transfer, and cash.

Yes, deep cleaning your air conditioner removes dust buildup, mould and allergens for cleaner indoor air circulation and improved air quality.

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With over 8 years specialising in air conditioner cleaning, our experienced technicians provide tailored split system, ducted, and window unit solutions to optimise performance. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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Our Brisbane air conditioner cleaning experts' exclusive 5-stage cleaning purifies neglected ducts and coils, delivering next-level filtration for cleaner air. Locally owned for 8+ years.